Looking for something to present to your loved one?

Looking for something to present to your loved one?


1. General information.

  • 1.1 bathrobe before using should be WASHED.
  • 1.2 our manager calls back during the day of the order. If the manager doesn’t get you on the phone, we will contact you by email or SMS. Be attentive when you write your contacts. The manager will process the applications that were left during the weekend on Monday during the day.
  • 1.3 we make on an advance payment from three and more bathrobes.
  • 1.4 necessarily – inform our manager about your payment by phone, what’sup or email.
  • 1.5 all complaints should be sent to the email hello@cosyrobe.com. In the subject of your letter write word “claim” and the text of your embroidery.
  • 1.6 working hours from Monday to Friday from 11-00 till 20-00.

2. What is the quality of your bathrobes and where are they manufactured?

Italian production from the Turkish terry. Our bathrobes conform to all quality standards. The density of terry 420g/m2

3. Why are our bathrobes so good?

  • gentle, soft
  • hydroscopic – absorbs moisture like a sponge.
  • hypoallergenic (it is absolutely ideal for people who suffers from an allergy to synthetic materials.)
  • it doesn’t cause skin irritation (especially valuable for people with sensitive skin)
  • good air permeability.
  • has a slight massage effect
  • easily washed (still fluffy and soft after repeated washings)

4. How is going the process of embroidery?

We have our own production with the most modern and qualitative equipment. We work more than a year and saved a wealth of experience in this sphere. The embroidery is applied on a bathrobe using a special technology at the factory and only in the factory conditions.

5. Could I order other font or a symbol?

Sure, it is possible. But such an order will be made little bit longer and, probably, cost little more. All we need from you is to send a font, a sample drawing to hello@cosyrobe.com

6. Terms of return and exchange.

Of course we will change your bathrobe or return your money in case of defects from our side – fabric defect or embroidery defect. Unfortunately, in other cases, we do not accept the bathrobe back, because it is made especially for you, under your requirements and needs to be worn on a naked body. That’s why you should be careful when you choose the size, color or font.

7. claims.

All claims should be sent to the hello@cosyrobe.com. In the subject of your letter, please, write the text of your embroidery.

Why should you choose us?

100% quality of production, factory technology.

Your own embroidery, the unique one.

Fast delivery.

Even celebrities trust us.

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